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DARE: Disability Awareness: a New Challenge for Employees
Project No 07-LdV/PT07/24/TOI/005


DARE project

The objective of the project is raising public awareness on disability and the way people with disabilities function in modern society.

Disability awareness means a solid knowledge on the subject and methods for active support and influence on the stereotypical thinking. It includes appropriate assistance that is based on an objective assessment of disabled people. This approach does require commitment on the part of society and disabled individuals themselves and brings major benefits to both. Disability awareness also means promoting attitudes of openness and tolerance towards disabled people.

The project will bring tangible training courses for academic teachers and public administration staff in higher education settings. The partnership regards these two groups as professionals requiring particularly effective support in the form of training since they have a major impact on shaping public attitudes. This training will equip them with a solid knowledge related to disability issues and strategies.

The courses will include contemporary disability knowledge, which for many participants will result in an entirely new understanding of disability. The courses will be designed to be stimulating and engaging for the participants. There will be many practical exercises to stimulate learning and to achieve understanding. Many of the exercises will include multimedia materials directly related to real disability situations that academic teachers and public administration staff can encounter in their working day.

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