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TraLSuD Project: Traditional Lifestyle as a model for Sustainable Development
Project No 2012-1-GR1-GRU06-10484 5


Euroinform is implementing the TraLSuD project together with its partners from Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Turkey. The aim of the participants is to explore the ways for natural resource management that are stored in the memories or in everyday life of the elderly, in their customs, beliefs and traditions.

Photographed or recorded, these "gems" of the past will be passed on to the next generations to serve as a model for management of resources with the aim of sustainable development of different communities.

So the old knowledge and wisdom of generations in the preservation of natural resources that are gradually lost with time will gain a new life, not as museum exhibits but as examples for future practices. Of course, it is not possible to go back to the old way of life but with the adoption and adaptation of some successful practices we could improve the quality of our life and, furthermore, improve the dialogue between generations.

The project coordinator is the Greek organization Pontiac-Educational Association of Pontiacs of Prasinada.




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