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Glodiss Project: Glottodrama - Dissemination of results
Project . 505098-LLP-1-2009-1-IT-KA2-KA2AM



GlODISS is a project supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme.The project is coordinated by an Italian Publishing Company Novacultur and aims at the piloting and dissemination of the Glottodrama method for teaching Italian as a foreign and/or second language.

What is Glottodrama?

The Glottodrama is an innovative methodology for teaching foreign languages that integrates conventional communicative learning processes with the dynamics of the applied techniques of Theatre Arts. This methodology has been developed by Glottodrama project under LLP during 2007-2008 coordinated by the Laboratory of Linguistics of the publishing company Novacultur.

The Glottodrama methodology envisages the creation of courses based on in-class laboratory applications of theatre recitals conducted by two teachers, one of the Italian language and the other one of drama. The course program, after an initial phase of laboratory activities, calls for the realization of a script or screenplay on stage. The text material is explored by the student-actors in all its dimensions (linguistic, cultural and dramatic content), under the guidance of the teachers-directors. The acting performances will constitute not only the central objective and didactic content, but as well its final target.

Theoretical framework of reference.

It is an interdisciplinary didactic method which is based on the language acquisition process where both cognitive and behavioural aspects are relevant. Diversified teaching disciplines, linguistic and theatre arts, converge toward the common goal of effective communication skills.

The method focuses on a strong personal and emotional involvement, typical of any theatrical performance. Reference is made to an emotional approach to acting training (Stanislavskij system and Strasberg Method of the Actors Studio).

Another principle adopted is the focus on the communicative text as the single global tool of communication which comes to its realization in the screenplay.

Psycholinguistic and educational objectives.

Global applications of project results

The Glottodrama method can be applied for the benefit of teaching all languages at all levels. This also represents an added value of the project in the European perspective.

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