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Translation and Interpretation activities

The strategy of the Translation and Interpretation is oriented towards offering a complex service of big/important clients. This includes the whole cycle of the translating service interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive) at conferences and seminars, translation and publication of reports, records deciphering of official meetings and symposia, proofreading and editing, translation of documents by sworn translators and documents legalisation.

Euroinform works with permanent teams of translators and editors to ensure the continuity and common style of translation.

During the recent years Euroinform developed a flexible regional structure and increased its team with nearly 100 translators all around the country. The main team located in Sofia coordinates the activities of the regional centers and offices and controls the quality of the translations offering at the same time the full range of translating services.

In 2001 Euroinfrom Ltd has been authorised by the Consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for documents legalisation. This enabled us to offer the complete range of translating services.

If you are interested in our assistance, if you need a high quality interpretation at your seminar, symposium or congress or translation of your documents, reports or projects, please contact us by phone or fill in the order form.

Translations and interpretations

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